Book Review: The American Adventures


This book is really a collection of six short stories

featuring the twelfth Doctor in a series of adventures across time within the United States. The stories are very quick reads and cover several popular time periods which makes it fun to read and easy to follow along.

My issue with this book is that, as a Doctor Who fan, none of these stories felt like the Twelfth Doctor to me. They weren’t necessarily bad or poorly written; there just wasn’t any real personality within the character to get me invested. The short story format was a great idea in design, but because of the length of the stories they never really were able to build up characterization of the non-Doctor characters or the otherworldly beings within either. I’d love to read another short story collection in the Doctor Who universe if I could feel the Doctor being represented coming across in the text. It was fine, but that’s all. Nothing really stood out.

EDIT: As I am writing this review, on Amazon this book as listed as being for Grades 3-7/Ages 9-12. I received our copy from the Adult collection of my local library, so not sure if that really applies, though thinking about it as a book for young adults makes it more understandable.

Title: The American Adventures (Doctor Who)
Author:  Justin Richards
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  192
ISBN: 978-1405928724

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