Book Review: Sea Prayer


Sea Prayer is a 48 page illustrated poem/short story documenting a father’s hopes and words to his son as he travels as a refugee.

This was a very short but incredibly powerful and heartbreaking read. Hosseini uses so few words yet conveys such a rich emotion within the reader. I think part of the strength of this book are the illustrations by Dan Williams. He uses what seems to be watercolors to reflect the memories of the narrator, as he remembers the beauty of this place, his son only has a vague memory of what it used to be.  The art also works well displaying the unknown and overwhelming waters in which the refugees are venturing into. A very simple way to explain what life of a refugee can be like using simple language.

The author proceeds for this book are being donated to the UN Refugee Agency and his own charitable foundation, the Khaled Hosseini foundation, which helps refugees around the world.

Title:  Sea Prayer
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9780525539094

Three Descriptors: Melancholy, Heart wrenching, Emotional

Read Alikes:
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  1. So true… although too short (after such a long wait!), this book positively shattered me to piece. Such a heart-wrenching piece of fiction. Couldn’t agree more with your review


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