Book Review: My Hero Academia (Volume 7)


Volume 4 of My Hero Academia covers issues 54-62.

Volume of My Hero Academia picks up in the middle of Iida, Todoroki and Midoriya’s battle with the hero killer, Stain. We get more backstory here on Iida and his relationship with his honestly pretty awesome brother, and his desire to inspire people the way his brother has. Iida fights to be able to stand and has some quick thinking which allows he and Midoriya to land some significant strikes against Stain and manage to capture him.

In the meantime, Gran Torino and Endeavor are trying to take down the Nomu’s in Hosu City, and when meeting up with the kids again, the single lone Nomu manages to capture Midoriya. As he’s flying away, Stain gets free, but rather than running he stops and kills the Nomu to protect Modoriya. He disturbs the heroes to the core but manages to pass out before another fight begins. In the hospital, the students are met with their internship leaders as well as the chief of police who informs them they’ve broken a million rules by jumping in and trying to take down a killer without licences. Luckily they’ve devised an excuse where the kids get no credit for their actions, but stay out of trouble, and all the praise is put onto Endeavor for taking down the hero killer.

We also learn that Iida has permanent damage to his left hand because of the attack and that Todoroki has named himself the hand crusher since everyone’s hands get damaged when they battle with him. Oh Todoroki you sweet nerd.

The most interesting thing about this volume is the introduction of sorts to the idea of villainy becoming popular again. All Might and Gran Torino discuss how more people will be interested in the League of Villains now, and that groups of villains coming together will make pro hero work harder. It is then that All Might finally decides to tell Midoriya the truth about his life and power and the reader learns about the man who controls it’s sister power, All for One. All for One allows the bearer to hold multiple quirks as well as grant different quirks on to different people. Because of this, it is inevitable that the one who holds One for All, now Midoriya, will someday have to battle the powerful holder of All for One.

The last part of this volume concerns the students all taking their final exams, written and practical. For the practical portion, the kids are paired up against teachers whose quirks will be difficult to overcome. The intensity picks up with Midoriya and Bakugo are partnered together against All Might and we finally get some Bakugo backstory. He’s truly a fascinating character because for all the anger and combativeness inside him, all he really wants to do is be a hero like All Might who never gives up. He would rather lose than ask for help, as he truly wants to be the undisputed best all on his own. Slowly we’re getting more information on why Bakugo is the way he is, and I’m excited to find that out.

I love this series and slowly finding more out about our characters. In this volume they mention a summer training camp as well, so we’re nearly to that arc which sounds fun!

Also of note:
This volume of the manga begins with episode 17 of season 2 and ends with episode 24. Two of the episodes are placed here out of order from the manga, as there is an episode about the students (notably Froppy’s) internships as well as the teacher battles concerning the other students of class which are not written about until Volume 8.

Title: My Hero Academia (Volume 7)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1421590400

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