Book Review: My Hero Academia (Volume 8)


Volume 8 of My Hero Academia covers issues 63-71.

Volume 8 of My Hero Academia begins with us catching up with the students in their battles against the teachers. We get to see Bakugo and Midoriya work together for once in order to beat All Might, and the battle between Todoroki, Momo and Aizawa. Aizawa is a big old softie and puts himself up against them in order to build Momo’s confidence again since she’s decided Todoroki is better than her. Todoroki also admits to her that he is the one who voted for her in the class leader elections, which helps her to feel more confident in herself.

We also get to see some of the teachers in battle and are given some information about them which is awesome. Nezu is the smallest, half-insane badass and best principal ever. While this is taking place, the League of Villains is being inundated with those who want to join the cause of Stain and be a part of the villain revolution. Here we have our first introduction to the villains Dabi, a young man with a stitched face, and Toga, a blood obsessed teenage girl. After a bit of a tiff, Kurogiri manages to calm Shigaraki down and talk some sense into him rather than attacking the duo.

Aizawa reports to the students back at UA that although 5 of them failed the practical exam, all are being allowed to go on the summer training trip. Once the students learn of this, Hagakure (the invisible girl) suggests everyone goes to the shopping center as a group to get all they need. While there, Shigaraki shows up outside of his normal look (sans hands on his face) and approaches and threatens Midoriya. He decides the true way for him to take over is to destroy All Might as a person and as the symbol of justice so everyone can feel how unstable the world is. Thankfully, Uraraka happens upon Midoriya and confronts Shigaraki, calling the police but he escapes before they arrive.

The students of 1A head out to the summer camp, stopping halfway for what they think is a break but ends up being the introduction of pro hero team the Wild Wild Pussycats, who set them to task to get to the camp as fast as possible. Hours later the students arrive, eat and settle into their rooms. While enjoying the outdoor baths, Mineta, ever the goddamn pervert, tries spying on the girls only to be thwarted by Kota, the young nephew of one of the Pussycats. Kota accidentally falls from the top of the wall separating the gendered baths and Midoriya saves him at the last moment. It is then we learn that Kota’s parents were murdered by a hero, and he hates all heroes and anyone who wants to become one.

This volume has a lot of slow build stuff, outside of the practical exam battles. With Shigaraki confronting Midoriya, we never feel as thought he will be killed as it’s not part of Shigaraki’s grand plan, but the tension builds nonetheless. It gives some more direction toward the future of the storylines and how the League will approach things from here on out which is exciting. They’re oh so evil but man they’re interesting.

Also of note:
This volume of the manga corresponds with episodes 24 & 25 of season 2 and episodes 1 & 2 of season 3.

Title: My Hero Academia (Volume 8)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1421591674

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