Book Review: My Hero Academia (Volume 11)


Volume 11 of My Hero Academia covers issues 90-99 .

We’ve finally reached our epic climax for this arc and the first 100 issues of My Hero Academia and my gosh is it intense. All Might and All for One finally have the battle we’ve been waiting for, but before they can go all out on one another, Bakugo needs saving! All Might is holding back on the battlefield because Bakugo is still stuck there with the League of Villains and thus he is taking more hits than he would if it was able to let loose. Luckily, Midoriya, Momo, Iida, Todoroki & Kirishima are hiding near the battle and Midoriya comes up with a great last minute plan to get Bakugo out so All Might isn’t hindered. Midoriya uses his Full Cowling special move paired with Iida’s Recipro to propel them to Bakugo, and Kirishima uses his hardening to break them through the wall. In general, the secret to this plan is Kirishima as Midoriya realizes Bakugo would never ask for help or take it from someone he looks down on or doesn’t consider an equal, but he would accept it from his best bro, Kirishima. The plan goes off without a hitch and when Kirishima yells out for him, Bakugo propels himself into the air and grabs onto him, allowing all the students to escape unhurt.

With Bakugo gone, All for One uses Kurogiri’s quirk in order to teleport away the remaining members of the League of Villains, including Shigaraki. Shigaraki yells out for All for One, knowing that this means he won’t have his mentor in his life anymore, but All for One needs to protect him in order for the plan to live on. Once they’re all sent away, the true battle begins. Gran Torino also shows up and does what he can to help out. All Might reverts back to his normal form, which is seen by everyone watching the fight unfold on television. All for One tries to mess with All Might psychologically and informs him that (TWIST!) Shigaraki is actually the grandson of Shimura, All Might’s mentor who passed One for All to him. The reveal rocks All Might, but through support from Gran Torino and civilians screaming he manages to pull himself together and punch the shit out of All for One. Although All for One is defeated, he does live, and we see agents placing him in a maximum holding cell area where Stain is also being held.

All Might waves to the crowd and points to them, saying it is there turn next. He admits he is no longer the symbol of peace and can no longer hold his muscular form any longer. There is discussion regarding the boost of new #1 hero and F- dad, Endeavor, as well as the other heroes who were injured in the attack including Best Jeanist and Mandalay. Nezu and the teachers have a meeting to establish the way to move forward; UA dorms. It’s up to Aizawa and All Might to visit the families of all class 1A students and please ask for the parents permission to allow their children to move in.

These scenes are fun because we finally get to see where some of our students get their powers and personalities from, notably Jirou and Bakugo. Bakugo’s mother is EXACTLY LIKE HIM and is incredibly intense and borderline shitty to him, but also allows him to go back to UA. Bakugo’s mother in part allows him back because she heard Aizawa speak positively about him at the press conference, knowing that he wants to be a hero and needs to be pushed in the right direction. Jirou’s parents are also pretty cool rockers, a lot like Jirou, and have no trouble allowing her back into school.

Surprisingly enough, it is Midoriya’s mother who has the hardest time agreeing to let Midoriya back to UA. She thinks it’s too dangerous and he will continue to get hurt, adn there’s a very heartwarming moment where Midoriya says he doesn’t care what school it is, he just wants to be a hero. He shows her the letter Kota wrote him to thank him for saving him, and that feeling is what he wants to keep forever. All Might falls to his knees to talk to Ms. Izuku and pledge his life to training and protecting Midoriya, and it’s a nice scene of two parental figures willing to do anything in order to protect a child.

The volume ends with a sweet, laid back issue involving the students moving into their new digs and giving one another awesome room tours that sum up each students personality. It was a nice break from the high intensity that’s been going on for the past 20 or so issues and gives us a little breathing room before we start setting up the new evil villain arc.

This series is so fun. I love these kids. I’m so emotionally invested in their stories at this point I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a fan of this!

Also of note: This volume corresponds with episodes 10-13.

Title: My Hero Academia (Volume 11)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1421595832

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