Book Review: My Hero Academia (Volume 12)


Volume 12 of My Hero Academia covers issues 100-108 .

Volume 12 of My Hero Academia begins with the students of class 1A developing their ultimate movies and making adjustments to their superhero costumes in order to better control those ultimate moves. Because of his power and inability to use his arms, Midroiya has to find new ways to use his quirk and make his costume comparable so he heads to the support room and we get to see fan favorite Mei Hatsume again! I love her, she’s such a confident sass queen. She helps Midoriya adjust his costume so his arms are supported and puts new soles in his shoes so he can use his shoot style more efficiently.

In the training area, Bakugo works on his ultimate move and in the process, nearly kills All Might with falling debris. Just in time, Midoriya jumps in and saves him, showing off his new style in the process. All Might gets a bit existential about being the most powerful hero in history to suddenly needing to be protected by children. Poor dude.

The students develop their ultimate moves and then move onto the provisional licencing exam against other schools. Of the roughly 1500 students taking part, only 100 will pass the first round of competition. Also, class 1A are unaware of the event referred to as the UA Crush, where the students of other schools work to try and take out all the UA kids first. Honestly, this is one of my favorite episodes of the anime. I love getting to see more of the kids and how they work together, and seeing the groups break up in order to figure out how to survive the round and use their quirks together is so heartwarming! Midoriya ends up alone and weirdly attacked by Cami from Shiketsu High, who transforms into Uraraka and tries to take him out. Midoriya sees right though it and catches her in the act, and she turns back into a very naked Cami before escaping as Sero comes to save him. Sero, Midoriya and Uraraka end up teaming up and using their quirks to trap other students and pass.

Another awesome group working together is Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari, and here we get to see Kaminari at work. I adore him. Dumb boys are my weakness. Kiri and Bakugo get turned into meatballs by a student named Shishikura who’s quirk is basically that he can manipulate flesh. Kaminari is smart and uses a grenade Bakugo gave him to distract Shishikura, and then utilizes his new costume and gear to throw out a disc and focus his electrical energy at it, thus electrocuting Shishikura and waking all the meatballs up. In the main part of the fighting ground, Iida comes across Aoyama, who has nearly been knocked out of the tournament. Aoyama decides to help Iida by using his navel laser to bring attention to himself and thus allowing Iida to tag someone else out. However the lazer attracts the other members of class 1A who can now group up and they’re able to all pass together. It’s cheesy and adorable and I am a sucker for kids working together. Also gives a cool bit of context and personality to Aoyama, a character we haven’t gotten too much from thus far.

Also of note: This volume corresponds with episodes 14-18.

Title: My Hero Academia (Volume 12)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1421597010

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