Book Review: Wotakoi – Love is Hard for Otaku (Volume 2)


A romantic comedy manga for those in their late 20s!

In this volume of Wotakoi, Hirotaka asks Narumi out on a real date, despite the fact that they’re already dating, and sets a stipulation that they can’t engage in their otaku or nerdy sides all day to see how hard it is. It’s a real struggle, especially for Narumi, but it is delightfully adorable the whole way through. During the book we also get flashbacks to the beginnings of the relationship between Hanako and Taro. I adore them. They feel like the most real couple in the book and the things they experience are easier to relate to compared to the almost perfectly awkward nature of Hirotaka and Narumi. I love how they start off as semi-rivals and grow to fall for each other through mutual respect and similar personalities. It’s fun to read about how they got to their current stage.

Another great aspect of this volume as although we’re introduced to Hirotaka’s brother, Naoya, in the first volume, it is here where we get to know more about him and are introduced to his new friend Kou Sakuragi. She’s very, very quiet, shy and obsessed with video games much like Hirotaka. Also Naoya think she’s a boy. Oh manga. Their friendship is adorable and Naoya might be the best character in the series for me, purely because he is the stand in for me. I only understand about half of the things the characters discuss in the book but I plug on and go with it just as Naoya does when he has no idea what everyone is chatting about. Totally relate.

Everything about this is lighthearted and cute. It’s not deep, world changing text or anything, but it’s perfect for a quick, cheerful read and I really enjoy it.

Title:  Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Vol 2
Author:  Fujita
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 256

Three Descriptors: Sweet, Character-driven, coming of age

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