Book Review: Ouran High School Hosts Club (Volumes 1+2)


Because we’ve all dressed as a boy to work off our debt to rich kids, right?

Ouran High School Host club is a classic, and one I haven’t read since I was in high school myself. I randomly saw that the anime was available on Netflix, so I thought what the hell and dove back in to consuming the series again as an adult. It. Is. Fantastic.

Haruhi, a scholarship student attending Ouran High School, is looking for a place to study and stumbles upon the Host Club, a group of six insanely rich and handsome guys. During their conversation and her confusion, she accidentally breaks a vase worth $80,000. In order to pay them back for the vase, she is forced to work for the club except they think she is a fellow guy!

I looooved the reasoning behind the club’s existence. They exist purely because they’re super rich pretty boys with too much time on their hands, and thus they started the club to entertain super rich pretty girls with too much time on their hands. All six boys have a different look and personality, so their styles and personalities attract different women. If you’re into the strong silent type, there’s Mori. If you’re into the questionably sexual brothers type, there’s the twins. But everyone really wants the King, Tamaki, who is the leader of the club and a total babe.

In volume one, there’s several stories happening and I was surprised by how genuinely likeable all the boys are. Eventually they figure out one by one that Haruhi is actually a girl, and the just accept it and agree to keep her around and let her continue to dress as a boy if she’s fine with it. Tamaki is the exception, but he’s so obviously set up as the love interest it’s not a problem at all, and he still obviously adores her for who she is. There’s a story in which the group gets a couple admit their love for one another as well as a story where a fangirl, who thinks Kyoya is a game character, tries to take over. All the stories are over the top and ridiculous but delightful.

In volume two it’s time for the annual school physical exams and the boys and Haruhi must come up with a plan in order to keep her secret and keep her in the club. Luckily Kyoya has the brains to hire a specific doctor who won’t rat them out, but another doctor runs in at the same time! As ridiculous as the boys are, they jump into action and protect Haruhi while also helping the doctor in need who scared her. Another story follows Hikaru and Kaoru, the twins, having a fight and the club helping out a young boy who’s crush is moving away. The final one involves the club going to a special pool/beach thing for rich people (because of course they do) and the flow of the water separating Hunny, the tiny adorable boy, from the group. It’s here we learn more about Hunny and his relationship with Miro and it’s awesome. This whole series is awesome and silly and fun in the best ways. I love it.

Title: Ouran High School Host Club
Author: Bisco Hatori
Format:  Paperback
Pages: 178 & 192
ISBN: 9781591169154 (Volume 1) & 9781591169901 (Volume 2)

Three Descriptors: Charming, Quirky, Whimsical

Read Alikes:
Fruits Basket
Skip Beat
High School Debut


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