Book Review: Love in Focus


We all love a Shoujo romance right?

Mako has loved photography since she was a child. Her grandfather asked her to take photos for him when he was bedridden, and once he passed away she continued her photography in his memory. Sadly, his death also depresses her deeply and thus she begs her parents to let her travel hours away to attend high school with her best friend, Kei, and to live in a boarding house with other high schoolers.

Mako moves into a boarding house with several students, almost all who are part of the high school photography club. She quickly makes friends with them all but becomes particularly interested in her housemate, Amemura. She takes a photo of him and he gets angry about it, saying he hates having his photo taken and having people look at his face. She has some serious issues with boundaries; he asks her about 5 times to not take photos of him but he just has such a strong aura she can’t help herself. Reign it in girl!

Unsurprisingly, there’s a love triangle developing at the very end of the book and I honestly liked it. I liked how snarky and blunt the comment was to tell Amemura to back off, and I think it’ll change the tone of the series going forward which is cool. The slow-burn romance between Mako and Amemura is really cute and I want to see where it goes. Mako is relatively likeable aside from the whole badgering Amemura for photos thing, but I definitely like Amemura the best. He seems like the kind of shy, reserved but confident character that will come into his own and stand up for himself as his love of Mako grows.

This was a really quick read and it was adorable. A good light romance to read between more depressing books so I’m thrilled it exists.

Title: Love in Focus
Author: Yoko Nogiri
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781632367686

Three descriptions: Young Love, Sweet, Love Triangle,

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