Book Review: Undercover Connection


PD and FBI and Crime Lords oh my!

Jasmine Adair is a police officer for the Miami PD, tasked with going undercover as a model in order to do surveillance on a crime-lord named Josef. During the runway show shots ring out and Josef is murdered. Jasmine is saved thanks to Jacob Wolff, an undercover FBI agent posing as a rich art dealer. As Jacob, Jasmine and her fellow undercover Miami agent, Jorge, dig deeper into the situation and try to figure out who put a hit out on Josef, Jasmine and Jacob find themselves falling for one another outside of the context of their undercover operation.

I read this as part of the ARRT Romance meeting for Romantic Suspense and honestly I was expecting more of the suspense element. There’s a bit of drama at the very beginning with the murder of Josef, and at the very end with a tense conclusion, but I felt as though the in between was a bit repetitive and boring. It was the same things over and over again; Jacob and Jasmine going on dates and having conversations and trying to figure out what’s going on. There wasn’t much action in those middle 200 pages and I felt the book suffered a bit because of it.

That being said Jasmine and Jacob were pretty good characters and I wanted them both to survive and figure out the mystery. Jasmine had a lot going on with also looking for her missing friend and that was a nice little aspect to make her a more well rounded character wise. She was determined and dedicated, yet open to accepting assistance from people who could help her get the job done.

This is a solid quick read, albeit one with way too many people with J names. It’s a fine book; I just wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for more of the suspense element.

Title: Undercover Connection
Author: Heather Graham
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
ISBN:  9781335526762

Three descriptions: Procedural, Crime, quick-read


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