Book Review: My Reckless Valentine


Librarians are sexy. Duh.

Very few things constitute a ‘must read’ for me. In order for a book to find itself on that list it has to include either Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hiddleston or books about librarians. This falls into the latter.

Angie Burrowes is the library manager in a self-described small town who is constantly coming to blows with administration. She’s a standout librarian and hard worker, but her love of pushing the envelope gets her in hot water with her questionable romance and erotic fiction contests and displays. After a terrible day at work where she’s told to revamp or she’s fired, she ends up meeting Grant Peterson. They have a really odd meet cute that somehow works, and end up spending an insanely passionate night together complete with lots of sex and great dialogue.

Everything seems peachy keen until Angie arrives at a library manager meeting the next morning, only to discover that Grant is her new boss.

The first third of the book is what sells this whole story. Grant and Angie have great chemistry together and their meet cute is very fun. After that, the last two thirds of the book are a little basic and go exactly where you expect them to, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The sex is pretty well written and I enjoyed that Angie smart and confident, tall and curvy. Grant is portrayed as tall and handsome, albeit a bit reserved and unsure of himself. I weirdly imagined him as a slightly buffer Tom Hiddleston. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed this book.

It’s a rom com. There’s family drama, questions of if they can fall in love this fast, and Grant becoming an idiot and going alpha male for a hot second. The biggest problem I had with this book is I’m a librarian, and I don’t know a small town library in America that would be allowed to have it’s own Erotic Fiction Reading Room but whatever. Also there’s a pretty hot sex scene that takes place IN THE WORKROOM of the library. Like, I get it. When my boyfriend comes to visit there’s nothing I want to do but take a quick ride to the bone zone but not in the damn room where all my co-workers work. Also what small town library has a super popular branch (as Angie’s is described as) that doesn’t have any security cameras? Y’all are lucky you didn’t get caught banging on candid camera but y’know. It’s a romance novel. You forgive this stuff.

Overall this was fun, even setting aside a slightly slow third act. I probably liked it more because I’m a librarian and this is one of the few librarian romances I’ve read where the author actually accurately describes the job we do, but it’s a sweet book. If you like sex and solid dialogue, check it out.

Title: My Reckless Valentine
Author: Olivia Dad
Format: Paperback
Pages: 250
ISBN:  9781616509361

Three descriptions: Banter-filled, Quirky, Sassy

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