Book Review: My Hero Academia – School Briefs


I love these darn kids.

Do you like My Hero Academia? You do? You’ll like this.

This is the first light novel in the My Hero Academia universe and I think it does a great job! It establishes character, it gives us fun side stories involving our popularity poll favorites and it’s a fast, light read.

My favorite chapter was the one about Aizawa in the teachers offices and the personalities of the others clashing with his own. We don’t get a lot of backstory on the teachers in the show/manga, which is a shame because I adore them, so this was a fun little side break.

Also Aizawa is my favorite character. Present Mic 5ever. Give me more of them.

The big plot of this book is the parents day celebration and subsequent battle and it’s fun. I like how this book includes EVERYONE and you even get a sense of character from the nameless parents. Good times all around.

Title: My Hero Academia School Briefs: Parents Day
Author: Anri Yoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781974704866

Three Descriptors: Fun, Quick, character driven

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