Book Review: Vagrant Queen (Vol 1)


Space Princess fights back

Vagrant Queen follows former child queen Elida, who was driven from her home due to a rebellion/revolution and has been traveling around ever since. She is confronted by an old friend/enemy/bounty hunter who claims to know the location of her mother, only to drive her into a trap. Allies change from friends to enemies a few times, there’s action and adventure all with the backdrop of a very science fiction world.

This was okay. I enjoyed Elida as a character but I really struggled with keeping track of the plot. There were a lot of time jumps and flashbacks and right off the bat I was struggling to figure out who Elida was and what was going on. It was a weird combination of slightly boring and also confusing, even though the premise is super fun and had some Star Wars-esque elements. The idea of a badass black woman being Han Solo in space is awesome to me, but her friend/enemy character bothered me with his wishy washy personality and I felt like we went back to him a lot when she proved she was entirely capable on my own.

The art wasn’t my favorite in this graphic novel either, it was a little cartoonish for my tastes, but the colors were fabulous.

Title: Vagrant Queen
Author: Magdalene Visaggio
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781939424419

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