Book Review: Thor


Kieron Gillen + Loki = I win

I don’t really have an in depth, intense write up for this one. If you love Thor and Loki, you’ll enjoy this. If not, or if you’re new to their whole world and adventures, this is by no means a good place to start. Kieron Gillen is easily my favorite comic book author and he does a great job here for what he has to work with. He inherited this whole story halfway through an already existing arc, so he has to put his own spin on it while still keeping the threads of the previous story together. Less talented authors would flounder, but Gillen rocks forever and always. His Journey Into Mystery run is the thing that got me back into comics, so I’ll always be a bit biased in favor of him.

We get a pretty fun story here. Loki is being sneaky and a shitstain as usual, Asgard is suffering because of it, there’s a ton of special guest bad guys propelling the story and Thor is our badass good guy. It’s a Thor story per usual, but written well and tons of fun. I would definitely recommend starting with a different, more readable arc if you’re a new Thor fan, though I think it is possible to totally follow the story here for the first time; you’ll just miss out on some of the backstory and references.

Title: Thor by Kieron Gillen – The Complete Collection
Author: Kieron Gillen
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
ISBN: 9781302915612

Three Descriptors: World-building, character driven, complex

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