Book Review: Is It Just Me?


Miranda Hart is a gosh darn delight.

If you haven’t watched her sitcom, Miranda, go watch it now. Seriously go on. I’ll wait here. Tom Ellis is in it. You know the guy who plays Lucifer whose butt is all over gifs on Twitter? Yeah THAT Tom Ellis. Babe central. He’s the love interest. What a world right?!

Anyway Miranda the TV show being so fantastic is why I decided to read what is basically Miranda the book. If you liked the show, you will likely enjoy this humorous memoir. Miranda Hart discusses a lot of topics in this book, but it’s less memoir “here is how I got to this point linearly” style and more “here is a topic, let me tell you a funny/embarrassing story that relates to it” in terms of writing. Most of the book is Miranda addressing her 18 year old self who bops in and out, telling our current Miranda about the trials and tribulations of being gawky and 18, and current Miranda expressing to her 18 year old self that, while she hasn’t changed that much and is still gawky and embarrassing, she loves her life.

It’s a fun, summer read sort of a memoir. It made me feel good. While a bit of it gets repetitive after a while (I get it Miranda, you fall a lot) it was still funny enough to keep me into it. I found her sections on having children and getting married and still feeling fulfilled even though she’s done neither of those things to be very refreshing and honest, and made me love her even more. She acknowledges how lucky she is to have been brought up the way she was, but doesn’t undersell how hard she worked and the things she’s gone through in order to be lucky enough to write a book like this.

Title: Is It Just Me?
Author: Miranda Hart
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 323
ISBN: 9781444734140

Three Descriptors: Humor, Self-Assured, Lighthearted

Read Alikes:
How to be Champion by Sarah Millican
Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders
Dear Fatty by Dawn French
Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman
Peggy and Me by Miranda Hart


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