Book Review: Star Collector (Vol 2)


Amateur astronomer meets the laziest boy around part deux

Fynn and Niko are settling into their relationship and trying to learn more about each other, good and bad. When Fynn finds out that Niko has told their mutual friend and his ex, Zoe, about some of his personal problems but hasn’t told Fynn yet, Fynn is upset, jealous, and wonders where they stand as a couple. Niko and Fynn have to learn how to trust one another and when is the right moment to delve into their pasts in order to move on to the future.

One thing I really love about this series is how they don’t fall into the usual tropes of bad boy/nerd. Niko is a nerd sure, he loves astronomy and is incredibly intelligent, but he’s the more laid back and easy going of the two. Fynn, though he smokes and fits the bad boy image, is constantly pining over Niko and imagining a future together. It’s nice that the authors flipped roles with this series, it makes it feel fresh and compelling rather than trope heavy. Niko is also the more sexually experienced of the two, but never belittles or cajoles Fynn into doing anything more than he is ready for.

Niko asks Fynn to keep their relationship a secret at school because it’s easier. Niko also tells Zoe about his past but won’t breach the topic with Fynn. Fynn’s feeling like he’s secondary often and that Niko makes choices for their relationship without giving Fynn a say or trusting in him. There’s a lot of realism to their situation which I enjoy, and I also enjoy that Fynn doesn’t hide away and hopes things will get better. He actively tries to talk to Niko and communicate with him about the problems in their relationship because he cares enough to make it work. There’s some family drama in this volume which I thought was very true to life and well done. Niko faces a lot of the same familial situations as many teens, and I felt the authors handled it in a clear way that showed Niko’s power in the situation. When Niko and Fynn decide to take their relationship to the next level sexually, it’s with mutual understanding and respect, which is nice to see, especially in boys love manga’s.

The entire Star Collector series is only two volumes, so it’s a great romance read for anyone to give a shot.

Title: Star Collector (Volume 2)
Author: Sophie Schönhammer
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781427860348

Three descriptions: Charming, Realistic, Atmospheric

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