Book Review: How to be Champion


I want to be best friends with Sarah Millican.

This is exactly what a biography/memoir should be.

Sarah Millican tells the story of her life in this book without sounding
1. Like an asshole
2. Like an egomaniac
3. Boring as fuck.

Sarah Millican gets what it takes to tell a good story, and her entire book is just that; good stories. This kept my entire for the entire book, and I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion because of how frank and honest she is when talking about different topics. Her sections on marriage and dating specifically got to me, and all I could think about is how badly I wanted to just hang out and talk shit with her sometime. She is very open and honest in regards to sex and language, so this may not be the book for you if you’re not a fan of swearing and talk of bodily functions. I didn’t mind it at all as it’s very similar stuff that you’d hear in her stand up sets, but be aware.

I honestly liked this book a lot because it made me feel confident. Sarah has a very straight-up approach to life that inspired that “if you don’t like who I am, fuck you” mentality in me, and we all need to be reminded of that some time. She inspires me a lot by not conforming to any sort of expectation put upon her (her sections about marriage, divorce and children made this clear) and I admire that a lot. Overall I think she’s a badass and I liked this comedy memoir wayyy more than ones I have read in the past.

Title: How to be Champion
Author: Sarah Millican
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781409174301

Three Descriptors: Hilarious, relatable, honest

Read Alikes:
Truths, Half Truths, and Little White Lies by Nick Frost
Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders
Dear Fatty by Dawn French
Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman
Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

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