Book Review: Love in Focus (Volumes 2 & 3)


The conclusion to the series!

I am legitimately sad that this manga only spans three volumes! It’s super cute and sweet, the perfect light summer read. I like Mako a lot as a character. She’s adorable, kind and naive, but not in the idiotic sense. She just hasn’t had a ton of life experience and genuinely trusts the people around her to guide her on the right path, whether they have good intentions or not.

In volume 2 we focus more on Kei, after he’s told their housemate and Mako’s other love interest, Mitsuru, that he cannot have Mako (thought it seems as though he regrets saying it after the fact). Kei has a lot of family issues to work out, and his father is exceptionally hard on him because he’s the second son. Because of this, Kei has put a lot of pressure on his relationship with Mako, as she’s always been an escape for him and accepted him no matter what. Sadly for Kei, Mako is finding herself falling more and more for Mitsuru, especially after a house trip to the country. She’s not really sure about what’s going on between herself, Kei and Mitsuru, but she still sees Kei as more of an older brother, even though he confessed his feelings for her. THE DRAMA.

In volume 3 Mako agrees to date Kei, even though he sort of tricks her into agreeing to it which is ew. Since this is the last volume of the manga, there’s a lot of tying up the loose ends here so everyone basically gets a happy ending. Mako finally admits to herself that she has a crush on Mitsuru after he confesses his love to her. He also gets closure in the form of dealing with a stalker from his past. Kei is disappointed that Mako doesn’t feel the same way about him, but understands, and finally speaks to his father about the issues between them. They manage to hash things out, so he gets a relatively successful ending as well.

I would have been fine if the author has spread out this final volume a bit more and made it into two, as I felt the ending segments were a bit rushed, but overall I was happy with where it went. It’s light, it’s fluffy, and it’s filled with young love. Overall I enjoyed my time reading it.

Title: Love in Focus (Volumes 2 & 3)
Author: Yoko Nogiri
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176 // 192
ISBN: 9781632367693 // 9781632367969

Three descriptions: Young Love, Sweet, Love Triangle,

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