Horimiya (Volumes 4 & 5) 



Horimiya is an adorable manga about a seemingly perfect girl (who is secretly a homebody/overworked older sister) and a loner, emo sort of boy (who is secretly a tattooed and pierced semi bad boy) who accidentally stumble upon one another’s real selves. Hori, our main female character, is the perfect student until she gets home (where her parents never are) and spends all her time taking care of her brother and trying to keep up with her studies. Miyamura is a quiet loner at school, but after meeting Hori’s brother one day and bringing him home, Miyamura and Hori realize they know one another and have now exposed their secrets.

I honestly think this series gets better and more adorable as it goes on and I LOVE it.

Volume 4 of Horimiya contains even MORE romance tropes than ever before! Hori and Miyamura haven’t entirely expressed their feelings for one another yet, but boy are they jealous of anyone else flirting with the other. Hori misunderstands a situation in which Miyamura helps Shindou’s girlfriend home because she hurt her ankle, and Hori goes straight into super jealous mode because she ~~loooooves~~ him. In this volume we also get total Hori/Miyamura shipper Kyousuke, aka Hori’s dad! He’s basically a weird, overactive stoner and I love him already. He is 100% behind Miyamura dating Hori and awkwardly assumes they’re already together and it’s pretty funny. Every manga needs an insane parent character, so here is ours. By the end of the volume, MIYA AND HORI HOLD HANDS! and thus, agree to date. They’re open about it at school and everyone starts to drag poor Miyamura because he’s not up to Hori’s caliber, and thus Miyamura turns up at school with no glasses and short hair! And it ends! And I legitimately gasped!

Volume 5 starts with everyone immediately reacting to newly hot boy Miyamura, who now has loads of ladies swooning over him. At once point there’s a girl following the couple around and they assume she’s trying to hit on Miyamura but SWERVE she’s totally head over heels for Hori! In an adorable turn, Hori actually accepts her and doesn’t freak out about it, she instead invites Sawada to be friends with them. At first Miyamura and Sawada clash (they clash even after tbh) BUT after Miyamura protects her from some asshole dudes and finds out that her older brother passed away the year before, he warms up to her a bit. It’s cute. Everything here is cute. It’s like a sugar injection into my veins.

Title: Horimiya (Volumes 4 & 5)
Author: Hero, Daisuke Hagiwara (art)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176 // 184
ISBN:  9780316270113 // 9780316270120

Three Descriptors: Romantic, adorable, sweet

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