Book Review: Snow, Glass, Apples


Amazing art and the Gaiman you expect.

Snow, Glass, Apples is a retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale we all know, except it’s written by Neil Gaiman so you know it’s fucked up somehow.

This is basically a retelling of Snow White from the perspective of the ‘evil’ stepmother/queen who isn’t really evil at all. Rather than trying to kill Snow White because of jealousy, she’s trying to kill her to protect the world from Snow White. The queen really loved the king up until his death, but Snow White is basically a evil, psychotic creature out for blood who is attacking people in the area. It’s sort of what you’d expect from a Gaiman short story, which is not a slight. Going into it you know it’s a retelling and a Gaiman story, it’s obvious it will have some creepy elements and be written from a different perspective. The story is solid. The standout here however is Colleen Doran’s art. Holy shit. She is insanely talented and her work is amazing. This went from a fine short story to a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. All the choices she makes in terms of the art adds to the atmosphere of the story, and it would have been pointless to make it without her contribution. I want to see everything she’s ever illustrated now.

Title: Snow, Glass, Apples
Author:  Neil Gaiman // Colleen Doran (artist)
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 56
ISBN: 9781506709796

Three Descriptors: Creepy, Compelling, Detailed


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