Book Review: Sisters


Relatable content.

Raina is so excited to become a big sister, she never really thinks about what it means to have a sister around all the time. When Amara finally comes into her life, she questions whether or not it was worth it to wish her into existence the whole time. This is a great book for any child experiencing some rivalry with their siblings, and while reading it all I could think about was my younger sister and how similar we were to Raina and Amara when we were that age. I was always hiding out with my headphones because she was the loudest child on the planet, and her being the youngest created a lot of animosity between us. This book deals with not only sisters in the literal sense, but family in general and how to navigate dealing with so many personality types. While on vacation Raina and family visit their cousins, who have changed so much from the last time they saw one another. Cousins they used to be close to have grown up at a different rate and while Raina is still into being a tomboy and reading comics, all her cousins are in high school listening to Guns and Roses.

In the end, Amara and Raina aren’t the best of friends, but like all siblings they learn how to get along and deal when more important things present themselves. I think Telgemeier’s selling point as an author is her ability to really convey what it’s like to be a child. She gets the voice of a kid so perfectly, and makes her books fun to read for not only kids who are dealing with the same issues, but adults looking back on their lives. Her art is cartoonish but not in an off-putting way. It’s more charming and nostalgic than anything else. Absolutely recommend.


Title: Sisters
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Format: Paperback
Pages: 199
ISBN: 9780545540605

Three Descriptors: Coming of Age, Amusing, Cartoony

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