Book Review: Shrill


It’s like I wrote this.

Gosh I loved this book. It’s a hard book to review in a way, as I feel like if you’ve never been a fat girl you’re not going to connect with the first half of this book the way that I did. She has some great things to say regarding the way our society views not only women, but fat women, as disposable and lazy, which really resonated with me.

This book is basically a collection of essays written by Lindy West that cover a broad spectrum of topics. She discusses her childhood, being fat, relationships, family life, comedy and the evils of being a woman on the internet. Her segments of dating while fat really stuck out to me, as well as her later chapters on comedy and how much hatred she gets on the internet simply for having an opinion. I have a Twitter account and basically only tweet about books and my undying love of BTS and yet I still have gotten death threats multiple times simply for existing. It sucks. Those segments she wrote were great, if only for the relatablity of it and being able to go YES THIS HAPPENS TO ME TOO!

I think she’s a fantastic writer and the book was engaging the entire time. I loved it and actively sought out other articles she had written when I finished the book. I recommended this to a lot of women in my life and so far all of them have loved it as well.

Title: Shrill
Author: Lindy West
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 260
ISBN:  9780316348409

Three Descriptors: Sardonic, Honest, Issue-oriented

Read Alikes
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Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen
Hunger by Roxane Gay
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