Book Review: A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities


A quick and easy must have.

As someone who orders graphic novels for a library and identifies as queer, I’m always on the look out for new, interesting titles from LGBT+ authors and artists. This particular book has been getting great press over the past year and loads of excellent reviews and I have to admit I agree with every single one of them.

This book is exactly what it says in the title. Coming in at 96 pages, it is precisely a quick and easy guide to many different aspects of sexual orientation, gender and identity. I personally feel like I know a lot about this subject and I was really impressed by the breadth of things that are covered in this book. Rarely do I see asexuality described for more than just a page, and there is an entire section on what it means to be asexual in this book. It also does a GREAT job of covering dysmorphia, which I feel is a hurdle many LGBT+ people deal with that is often not discussed nearly enough.

The book also has sections on coming out and how there is no “right” way to come out, only the best way for you to feel safe while doing so in an environment that is supportive to you, as well as a part in which they point out how to recognize poisonous traits in partners when beginning to date. These are subjects I rarely see discussed in any book on relationships, so the fact that these were included along with all the other incredible topics the book was planning on covering was honestly relieving and impressive. The authors/artists do a great job of using a small snail to educate the reader in a relaxed way, and the art in this book is INCREDIBLE. Seriously the art is so well done and everything being colorized in pastelish shades was such a brilliant choice.

Excellent book. A must have for any graphic novel or LGBT+ collection.

Title: A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities
Author: Mady G. & J.R. Zuckerberg
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781620105863

Three Descriptors: Educational, Fun, Whimsical


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