Book Review: Valkyrie: Jane Foster


Jane Foster; doctor by day – ferrywoman of the dead 24/7

Jane Foster used to be Thor and before the War of the Realms, there use to be Valkyries. Now they’re all dead and Jane is chosen to take on a new role as Valkyrie, guide and ferrywoman who transports the dead to Valhalla. Of course, the fewer Valkyrie in the world also means villains are out in full force, and Bullseye has set his…um…target, on Jane Foster. Stealing her Asgardian weapon Dragonfang, she must battle Bullseye before he wields it, as one stab from Dragonfang will kill, be it normal human or God.

I love Jane Foster. I love Jason Aaron and Al Ewing. The art in this is AWESOME, possibly the best part of the whole thing. I really enjoy stories about Jane Foster and the fact that she’s thrown into these situations as a human being asked to become a God. That being said, she still has a day job she’s struggling to maintain and friends to see. Her life is far from normal, and it’s fun to read about her being stuck between two worlds.  I don’t think you have to read War of the Realms in order to understand what’s happening here, but it doesn’t hurt.

Title: Valkyrie: Jane Foster, Vol. 1: The Sacred And The Profane
Author: Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Cafu (Illustrator)
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781302920296

Three Descriptors: Beautifully illustrated, fun, empowering,

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