Book Review: Loki, God Who Fell to Earth


Loki, fall into my arms please

I am the worst person to ask for opinions on Loki stories because he’s basically my favorite fictional character ever. In this installment of Loki’s life, he’s the new King of the Frost Giants and man, does he hate responsibilities. He goes to  Midgard to see Tony Stark and all sorts of chaos unfolds. I love this. I’m sad there’s not going to be more as they canceled the series and Marvel never lets anyone do anything cool with Loki for very long. Loki is a fun character because you’re never sure what side he’s playing and he always has a plan. It’s great. Everyone should be a Loki fan!

Title: Loki: The God Who Fell to Earth
Author: Daniel Kibblesmith
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages:  128
ISBN: 9781302920319

Three Descriptors: Funny, Fantastical, Snarky,

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