Book Review: Fit


Fat girls seducing hot dudes is my jam

Rebekah Weatherspoon is quickly rising up my list of favorite romance/erotica authors. A friend suggested this title to me, and I am really pleased with the novella overall.

Violet Ryan is a Chinese American fat girl who produces shows for The Food Network. Because of her work, she’s heavier than she would like to be and decides to work off the weight. After a miserable and triggering workout class, the teacher recommends another trainer to her, one that is more likely to help her on her journey.

Her trainer turns out to be Grant Gibson, gym owner by day and sexual dom at night. He is attracted to Violet upon their first meeting and asks her if along with working out, she’d be interested in participating in his lifestyle. At first, she’s scared off by his lack of professionalism (as she should be) but eventually, she comes (hehe) around to both his style of weight training AND his dominant interests, sometimes combining the two.

In general, I enjoyed this novella. It’s actually one of the few novella’s I’ve read where I wish it was a longer, full-length novel so things could be further drawn out and explained. The book moved a little quick at times, and Violet’s interest in Grant growing exponentially, especially after him not following the rules when it comes to introducing people to BDSM, turned me off and made things read very unrealistic, but not enough to ruin the book for me. Violet was a fun character I’d love to read more of, and it would have been nice for Grant to be more fleshed out. I did like how open and honestly they discussed what being a fat woman is like, and that Violet wasn’t just a slightly chubby size 8 but a relatable fat woman. My biggest pet peeve in romance novels is when a character is supposed to be overweight but doesn’t even tip the scales. Women of all sizes are valid; don’t like about the type of woman you’re writing about.

Also, I know that ebook has to have a foil or villain character but man, Violet’s friend really had no enjoyable qualities which made the character a bit one dimensional. I also am not interested in the dom/sub kink so that wasn’t really my jam, but the book advertized that aspect so I am not holding that against it.  Overall a solid, quick read (that I actually powered through on a gym treadmill) from Weather

Title: Fit (Fit Trilogy #1)
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Format: Paperback
Pages: 158
ISBN: 9781537743271

Three Descriptors: Steamy, Socially relevant, kinky

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