Heartstopper V3



Why is everyone not reading this series?!

I absolutely love this series. I would implore you to get the physical copy, as the feeling of the art really goes with the heaviness of the book and the style of the pages. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s closer to a trade paperback size than a traditional graphic novel or manga, and for some reason, it makes all the difference when reading for me.

Heartstopper continues where the last left off of course, with Nick and Charlie navigating their new, blossoming relationship. Nick struggles with coming out to more people in his life aside from his mom, as his friends and especially his brother, are loudmouth homophobes. As with life, a lot of their comments are brushed off as teasing, when really those word choices build up over time and become more and more upsetting. Luckily Nick and Charlie have a great support system with a group of friends who keep them sane. I do find it a bit weird that these two boys have such a hard time coming out due to bullying when half the characters in this book are also somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum. Not to say this doesn’t happen, obviously, it does, you’d just think with so many other LGBT people around there’d be less acceptance of this shitty homophobia.

Anyway, the premise of this volume is that there’s a school trip planned for Paris, and Nick, Charlie, and many of their friends are able to go. Oseman does a great job handling heavy topics like bullying, homophobia, and the general awkwardness of being a teen, but adds mental illness and eating disorders in this volume. It never feels forced, it always reads as incredibly relatable to being a teenager and how everything feels like the end of the world, from coming out to getting a surprise hickey.

This series is great. If you enjoyed Check, Please! you will also love this one. I can’t wait for Volume 4 and to reread the first three all over again. HIGHLY recommended to anyone in high school, especially LGBT youth, as a great example of dealing with tough issues in an honest and upfront way.

Review of Vol. 1 & 2

Title: Heartstoppers V. 3
Author: Alice Oseman
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781444952773

Three Descriptors: Heartfelt, Emotional, Honest

Read Alikes:
Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu
Bloom by Kevin Panetta
Fence by CS Pacat
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki

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