Beastars 5 & 6

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This is tied with My Hero Academia for me as the best series going right now. I can’t stop reading or looking into theories on what is going to happen next. In volume 5, we see our first big out of school arc when a mafia style gang called the Shishi-gumi, a group of lawless lions who do what they want, kidnap Haru. The mayor, a fellow lion, isn’t much help as he’s more concerned with maintaining the image of lions in society rather than helping his residents. Thus, Legoshi takes it upon himself to track her scent and infiltrate their lair with the help of Gohin, the giant panda. On the other side, red deer Louis hears of Haru’s abduction and takes the more political/intellectual route in trying to get her back and the volume ends on a cliffhanger that left me GASPING!

Volume 6 is impossible to describe without giving EVERYTHING away. In short, the Shishi-gumi get a new leader, Legoshi comes back to school and there’s a new, pretty lady wolf taking the school by storm by the name of June. She sets her sights on Legoshi being her mate, and marks her intent to become the next Beastar.

Fascinating. Captivating. Addicting. This series has so many twists I cannot wait to dive into volume 7.

Title: Beastars 5 & 6
Author: Paru Itagaki
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200 // 208
ISBN: 9781974708024 // 9781974708031

Three Descriptors: Captivating, Dark, Dramatic

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