The Rose of Versailles V1


A French History piece in Manga form.

Lady Oscar is a young woman raised by her family as a boy in order to become successor of her father and leader of the Palace Guards in France. She’s headstrong, and physically fit and has a very strong sense of justice and morality. As she is expected to help out the new French Queen, Marie Antoinette, she finds herself stuck between the high class people she serves and her morality which stands with the poor members of the lower class.

So this is a hard one to review! While I did enjoy reading it, I was definitely taken aback by how little of this first volume involves Lady Oscar, who I figured was going to be the main character. Instead we read a LOT about Marie Antoinette, which is very fun, just surprising. Honestly I found this first volume to be a bit long and repetitive with the same fights over and over again between Marie and the mistress. That being said, it was fun to learn more about French history through the lens of a Japanese manga. The art is STUNNING and the color pages really add to the overall historical feel and I really enjoyed the art style.

Title: The Rose of Versailles (Omnibus 1)
Author: Riyoko Ikeda
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 496
ISBN: 9781927925935

Three Descriptors: Beautiful, Stylish, Interesting


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