Fix Me Up


Typical RomCom. 

This book was one of the popular romances of last year, so I decided to finally give it a shot over quarantine. I don’t know if it’s a plus or minus that the best way to describe this is totally average. It’s not a bad book. The general setup is perfect for the plot of a romantic comedy and Georgie and Travis are likable enough and have pretty good chemistry. That being said, it also wasn’t anything so good that it made me want to continue the series. 

Travis Ford was a popular baseball phenom who has been sidelined due to injury and can no longer play. When we’re introduced to him, he is a depressed mess who has given up on everything. The only person who is trying hard to pull him out of his woe is me life is Georgie Castle, his best friend’s younger sister. Georgie, of course, has had a wicked crush on Travis forever. She’s determined to help him get his life back together, and they eventually come to the conclusion they should fake date in order to raise his profile in the public and give her family something to be proud of her for. 

Georgie is pretty enjoyable as a character. She’s not overly annoying, but I honestly find the idea of being a 23 yr old virgin who has never once been on a date, (yet is constantly described as being conventionally attractive) a bit of a stretch. Georgie is kinda just there. She’s got family issues where her brother clearly runs the family and everyone takes issue standing up to him, and she absolutely has some type of Arrested Development. She’s a clown for a living with the dream of opening her own entertainment company. Totally fine, no one needs to have the desk job 9-5 thing and I didn’t take issue with it. My problems with Georgie all related to her obsession with Travis and love for him despite him honestly being a pretty mediocre person. 

I honestly cannot see why anyone would be attracted to Travis. He was a possessive jerk who didn’t really find Georgie as an option until she seemed interested in putting her affections on someone other than him. Every time he called her baby girl I wanted to puke, and holy shit did the author overuse that phrase. The dirty talk in this book was an interesting choice. The sex scenes weren’t terrible, I could see them working, but the abundance of dirty talk seemed VERY suspect considering Travis takes her virginity. Just seems like a big thing to jump into sexually when she has LITERALLY no experience dating, much less with sex. I’m glad this book had a pretty even approach to sexual pleasure on both sides, but I just didn’t buy that this girl went from never being on a date to getting railed and being called baby girl in dirty talk after like, two weeks. It just felt weird to me. 

If you want a light summer romance, this isn’t terrible. It’s readable and I can see why people dig this series. My issues were with the characters more than the writing, but nothing in this book made me interested to seek out the rest of the series. Also, 400 pages is too long for any romance novel, but that’s a personal annoyance. 

Title: Fix Me Up
Author: Tessa Bailey
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9780062872838

Three Descriptors: Steamy, Awkward, Typical

Read Alikes:
Too Good to Be True by Kristan Higgins
The Real Deal by Lauren Blakely
Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes
Perfect Match by Fern Michaels
Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis

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