Knight of the Ice (Vol 3)


Bit of filler, but still nice.

Another pretty good installment in this series! Kokoro, our protagonist and famous figure skater, suffers and injury that forces him to pull out of an important championship and, in turns, sends him into a downward spiral of depression. His best friend and love interest, Chitose, wants to help any way she can, so she offers to be his girlfriend as long as he places at the World Championships, in a hopes that having to work to get her to go out with him will get him out of his slump and back on the ice. When it’s time for him to finally perform, Chitose realizes her pen, the one she and Kokoro use as a superstition before performances is missing, and she has to find another way to incite him into doing well.

This was basically a filler volume in that it dealt a lot more with the emotional aspects of Kokoro and Chitose rather than the action of the figure skating and drama of the past two volumes. It moved a little slowly, but it also introduced the reader to a lot more characters and figure skaters competing against Kokoro, who are all interesting in their own right. Still a fan of this series and excited to see where it goes.

Title: Knight of the Ice (Vol. 3)
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-1632369888

Three Descriptors: Adorable, Sweet, Honest

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