Spy x Family (Vol 2)


This continues is AWESOME

This series continues to be fun as hell. Twilight, international spy, and his fake wife, international assassin Yor, have enrolled their fake daughter Anya, into the pretigious Eden Academy. Their goal is to get Anya close to their target’s son, Donovan Desmond, but upon their first meeting Anya may have blown her chance when she calls him out for being a jerk and not giving into him like everyone else does! She has to try to make up for it in order to become his friend, but Donovan is now also interested in her, as she’s the first person to ever really stand up to him.

This is a really fun volume, maybe even more fun that the first, as it centers around Anya who is really the glue that holds the fake family together. Her ability to read minds is fun not just for plot’s sake but also comedic relief, and getting to read about her adventures at school was wonderful. There’s also more light shed here on Yor and her desire to make a life for Anya that is fun and makes Anya feel loved and appreciated for as long as she can, even if the whole set up is fake. I honestly adore this whole series so far. Absolutely creative, fun and interesting.

Title: Spy x Family
Author: Tatsuya Endo
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
ISBN:  9781974717248

Three Descriptors: High energy, Creative, Darkly Humorous

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