My Hero Academia (Vol 24)


Villains! Backstory! Yay!

Listen, I will never ever get tired of this series. I know, I know, sometimes adventure manga like this can become overinflated and formulatic, but goddamn I love My Hero Academia no matter what. I don’t know why but it just clings to me the way Harry Potter did when I was a pre-teen.

I seriously love this arc of the heroes vs villians, but especially this volume. For the first time we get to see a lot of the story unfold from the perspective of the villians in the League of Villians, and I think it adds to the interest factor tenfold. One of the real strengths of My Hero Academia as a series is the commitment it has to interesting, well-rounded villians and this volume is no exception. Toga and Twice are both fantastically devious and interesting and we get more backstory on just why they cling so deeply to the ideologies of the League of Villians and why, in Toga’s case, she veered into a life of crime. As the only woman on the team and the youngest, she’s one of the more fascinating characters in the series as we didn’t know much about her in general. After this volume we get more insight into her quirk at a young age and how her interest in blood alienated her from her peers and helped shape her into the villainess she now is.

Also we get sweet Shigaraki backstory and he is possibly the coolest and badass villain I’ve read in any manga lately so I am all about this. Give me more villian backstory! They’re so much cooler than most of the heroes!

Title: My Hero Academia (Vol 24)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN:  9781974711208

Three Descriptors: Hopeful, Action-packed, Dramatic

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