12 Men for Christmas


Fine for a Hallmark movie I guess.

Listen, when you name a book “12 Men for Christmas” and do not
provide me with 12 men, I will automatically knock a star off.

This book wins my award for Worst Juxtaposition of Title & Story for
2020. When I read the summary and title, I assumed this would be a fun romantic
comedy in which a woman either dates 12 men around the Christmas season to find
her perfect match, or dates 12 men purely for fun, sexy times.

This book is neither.

This book is a chore honestly. It reads like a Hallmark Christmas movie,
which I am usually a huge fan of, but it just fell really flat for me. Emma,
our main character, is fired from her London PR/job because her boyfriend
cheats on her with her boss. Already I am trepidatious since you’d think she’d
go to HR or someone above her to have her boss fired for wrongful termination,
but nope. She decides to make a fresh start in Cumbria, far away and very different
from London. There she gets a job working for the Tourist board in the area and
suggests a male calendar to raise money for the local rescue team. She, of
course, ends up falling for Mr. December and they have a constant struggle of
being angry with one another while also falling in love.

The mention of the other guys on the team is the reason why this book has
the title it is, and honestly it’s ridiculous. There’s about three male
characters in the book, one being our love interest, one being his best friend,
and the last is the leader of the team who is an older gentleman. False
advertising all around as the other 10 men are mentioned maybe twice in the
whole novel. Don’t promise me 12 men and fail to deliver!

The romance in this is fine if you need something quick and easy and vaguely
Christmas themed, but for me it really fell flat. Emma isn’t necessarily
likable as a character, but she’s mostly understandable and relatable. I would
never want to hang out with her, but I didn’t find her overly annoying at
least. Will however, our love interest, is a total waste of a character. I
found him incredibly condescending and up his own ass, and honestly I wasn’t
into the romance because of him. I am really tired of books in which a woman
gives up on good job offers and dreams in order to get some mediocre dick. Do

The best thing I can say about this book is the cover art is super cute and
the sex scenes were pretty well done. I’m glad it at least gave us some steam
to make up for the lack of chemistry. If you need a Christmas romance read and
this is on the shelf go for it, but don’t expect too much fun.

Title: 12 Men for Christmas
Author: Phillipa Ashley
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781728212500

Three Descriptors: Upbeat, Sassy, R-Rated Hallmark

Read Alikes:
In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren
The Holiday Party by Jasmine Guillory
The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler
The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

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