A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability


A solid, educational read.

This title is another in the Quick and Easy Guide series which I think is excellent as a quick dive into touchier subjects that may be hard to find the right words to discuss. This book takes some of the stress out of that by including ways to speak about sex with those with disabilities as well as how to change your own speech patterns to re-word statements that may be offensive without realizing it. One example they use is, when in a sexual situation with someone with a disability, rather than saying “I’ve never slept with a disabled person before” to change the language to a more positive and open response such as “I haven’t been with a disabled person before so this is new for me but I am excited to learn.” Simple language changes can put your partner at ease as well as showing them that you want to figure out what works best for them sexually.

I think a lot of the advice in this book is great overall. When I was a younger teen or twentysomething, I probably should have known more about discussing sexual interests, what’s on and off-limits for partners before having sex, and what to refer to genitals as rather than just guessing. I also enjoyed the mention of making sure the lube or condoms you use when in a sexual situation are compatible with your partner and whether some materials will be uncomfortable for them in terms of medication or mobility issues, etc. Another perk is, much like the rest of the books in the quick and easy guide series, the art and content are incredibly inclusive to all in terms of gender, sexuality, and body type which was incredibly appealing. Considering this is a book that relies heavily on art to emphasize its points, seeing people who look like you in these positions makes it a lot more relatable. This is really a book about good communication skills when having sex and it does an excellent job at stressing just how important it truly is in order for both partners to feel comfortable and to have the best time possible.

Another great addition to this series and would absolutely recommend. 4.5 stars.

Title: A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability
Author: A. Andrews
Format: Paperback
Pages: 72
ISBN:  9781620106945

Three Descriptors: Educational, understanding, hopeful

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