Be Gay Do Comics


Super fun!

First of all, the cover art for this collection is fantastic. I love the in your face, brightly colored art and it really caught my eye on the shelf. This book is a collection of comics by dozens of authors/artists all about LGBT+ experiences from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Some of the work is very, very funny and more a piece of commentary or satire, while others are a bit deeper and go into the historical context of the LGBT+ movement in countries that may often be underrepresented when discussing LGBT history. I found the comics that dealt with Malaysia, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to be incredibly interesting as I have some context for how the LGBT+ movement happened in the United States (and continues) but I was super unaware of how LGBT+ people live in those parts of the world. I loved how interesting and succinct these authors/artists could be with their stories so I felt like I had a little lesson in so many different themes. The comic concerning the history of the LGBT flag and information about different flags was something I wasn’t aware of beforehand and it was awesome to get that context.

If you’re a fan of art or comics in any way, this is a great title to pick up. The only downside I had regarding it is that some of the stories/comics are so short it made me yearn for more by those authors/artists! I was specifically super into the sections by Lew Hastings and Dorien Alexander and wish those could have been longer because they were so good!!

Title: Be Gay Do Comics
Author: Matt Bors
Format: Paperback
Pages; 256
ISBN:  9781684057771

Three Descriptors: Informative, Witty, Colorful

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