How Do We Relationship?


Awkward but has promise

Miwa has always been a bit of a hopeless romantic, but she’s very shy and has little experience in life. One of the big issues holding her back is that she is not only shy but is also a lesbian who doesn’t know any other lesbians. When she begins college she runs into her soon-to-be best friend Saeko, who has a much outgoing and honest personality. After hanging out and becoming friends with a bunch of guys in the band club, Saeko diffuses an awkward situation when one of their male friends hits on Miwa. At that time, Saeko and Miwa come out to one another, admitting that they’re both interested in women. Because they don’t know any other lesbians, Saeko suggests they date. This isn’t a fake dating trope however as the two both admit that they have an interest in one another regardless.

I don’t really know how to approach my opinion on this one because it’s sorta down the middle. I found a lot of the situations the two found themselves in to be easily solved with simple communication and asking what the other is into sexually and relationship-wise, and the fact that it took them forever to understand this was painful. That being said they’re two characters who have alluded several times to dealing with trauma in their pasts relating to being in a relationship and Miwa specifically is very inexperienced with life in general, so that is a viable explanation for their constant tip-toeing. Also, they mention they’re in their first year of college here which puts them at about 18/19, so I am way more inclined to believe and understand college students being awful at communication because I absolutely was at that age. I wish there had been more build-up to the two becoming a couple, as it felt they were lacking in chemistry but were overall likable characters in their own right.

I did love that this manga doesn’t rely on the “lets fake date and then fall in love” trope and instead spins it so they’re both aware that there is interest on both sides. The author includes a note at the end that so many romance manga like this end when the couple finally get together and she wanted to write a series that starts with the relationship and shows how it progresses, which is a fun change of pace. Because of that note, I will continue to see where this one goes because I feel like the author is aware of the awkwardness and lack of communication between Miwa and Saeko and that’s something she’s purposeful including rather than just being a byproduct.

Title: How Do We Relationship?
Author: Tomifull
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
ISBN:  9781974711741

Three Descriptors: Awkward, Sweet, Realistic

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