Cosmoknights (Volume 1)



I picked this book up off the shelf at my library purely for the totally
boss cover art and WOW I am so glad I gave this a try!!!

Cosmoknights takes place in a world like our own, except space travel is a
viable option. Pan is our protagonist and early in the story she helps her
friend Tara escape their planet. Tara was a princess, one who was to be given
away as a trophy to the winner of a Cosmoknight tournament, and Pan helps her
escape on a ship destined for another planet. Because of this, Pan becomes ostracized
by her community because the tournament cannot take place, and Pan is stuck in
this small town life working forever for her father, a mechanic.

One night a pair of Cosmoknights show up on her doorstep and her world is
opened. These two women are a couple and work to win tournaments in order to
help Princesses escape from a world that has been dictated for them. When they
leave to head back to their world, Pan stows herself away and there begins her
path to revolution.

This series freaking rules. It has space, awesome mechanical knight battles,
LGBT characters, incredible women fighting the patriarchy of tradition and the
beginnings of revolution. My only gripe is compared to the other characters in
the story, Pan is a little lacking as our protagonist. That’s not necessarily a
bad thing, as I believe the whole point of the story is to show how Pan will
change and grow in time, but Bull and Kate and the other women are SO FREAKING
BADASS it’s hard to care about Pan next to the rest. The art of this series is
also phenomenal, like if Blade Runner was recolored in neon. I absolutely love


Title: Cosmoknights
Author: Hannah Templer
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781603094542
Three Descriptors: World-building, Diverse, Fantastical

Read Alikes:
Rat Queens by Kurtis J Wiebe
Seven Devils by Laura Lam
Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliot
Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir
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