My Hero Academia (Volume 25)


Why is everything about this series so baller?!

Goddamn My Hero Academia got dark! In Volume 25 we get a lot of backstory on Tenko Shimura, otherwise known as Shigaraki. We learn how he became the dark villain he is currently (spoiler alert: he killed a lot of people he loved) and was taken in by All for One who gave him the name Shigaraki. As we move on from his backstory, we return to the modern issue at hand, the battle between the Metahuman Liberation Army and the League of Villians. Shigaraki defeats Re-Desto, earning his respect in the process, and Re-Destroy combines the two groups to make a supergroup who want to overthrow society. Shigaraki becomes a figurehead of this group and the rest of the League become leaders which only brings more people into the movement. One such person is the #2 Hero and certified badass, Hawks, who we find out is working as a double agent, inserting himself into the Liberation Army in order to send coded messages of their movements back to the heroes.

At the same time, the government is realizing that despite the number of heroes they have at their disposal, they want the students of UA to learn how to be heroes out in the field and set up mandatory work-study programs. Many go back to their old stomping grounds, but as Best Jeanist is still missing, Nighteye is dead and Gran Torino is too busy, Bakugo and Deku are without an agency to join. Todoroki invites them to join him at this father’s agency to learn from the best and they both agree.

I absolutely love the more spy/thriller direction this series is taking. It was super interesting to learn more about the League of Villains between stories of the UA students and I really enjoy how the series is able to manage that line by giving the reader a little bit of everything. There are heavy, depressing moments with Shigaraki, moments of hope with Deku and the students meeting up for work-study, and moments of levity with Mt. Lady’s class and the Christmas celebration. I love this series entirely. Season 5 in March! AHHHH!!

Title: My Hero Academia (Vol 25)
Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781974717620

Three Descriptors: Hopeful, Action-packed, Dramatic

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