Moriarty: The Patriot (Volume 1)


Moriarty is a badass

Is there any character that has had more perspective re-imaginings than Moriarty? I am an absolute sucker for anything Sherlock Holmes related so I am all about these in any sort of format. When I saw this available on my library shelf I knew I had to pick it up and check it out, especially being that it’s the first volume in a series.

Holy hell, what a start. Right off the bat you realize this isn’t a typical Moriarty tale. Rather than jumping into the life of Moriarty as an adult, we learn about how this young boy became James Moriarty and how his genius mind got him to that place. This is told through the lens of both he and the members of the abhorrent Moriarty family, which paints the story in a different light. Also this book goes in hard on Colonialism and the evil of the English empire which is pretty badass.  Moriarty as we know him absolutely hates nobility and wants to destroy the class system in London and create a better world.

Moriarty at age 21 becomes a professor at Durham University which caters to the sons of aristocrats. He uses his access to the rich and powerful to right injustices they have committed, everything from taxing the poor to avenging murders. This is fun as hell and I’m totally into the whole “kill the rich” theme. It’s hard not to root for the Moriarty family and friends as they do truly awful things to truly awful people. The art style is also really cool and I dig it. It’s over the top and melodramatic, sure, but that’s what makes it fun! I felt like I read a lot more in this manga than I do in most so I was a big fan.

Title: Moriarty: The Patriot (Volume 1)
Author: Ryōsuke Takeuchi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN:  9781974717156
Three Descriptors: Re-imagining, Creative, Dark

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