Toritan: Birds of a Feather (Vol 2)


Crow?? Romance?? 

Inusaki is a twenty-something private eye with the power to talk to birds. Specifically, he keeps talking to a crow named Kuro, who for some reason reminds him of his, Kuroki, the son of his landlord who has a crush on him. Kuroki of course is Kuro the crow and can change his form into birds because this is a manga.

Kuroki and Insuaki discuss the kiss they shared at the end of the last volume and lo and behold agree to date even though they haven’t been on a date yet or have even talked this through, but yet again, this is a manga. Insuaki’s job as a PI leads him to helping a gay man plan a date and practicing with him, which of course makes Kuroki jealous and he follows him. Luckily it’s very tame and just leads to the reader seeing how Kuroki uses his power to jump into different birds bodies.

Insuaki hates birds because of his ability to talk to them but when there is a threatening situation he goes out of his way to communicate and help the birds, which only allows for Kuroki to fall for him harder. They don’t know the other has the power they possess until Insuaki slowly pieces it together. There’s a time jump in this that takes us from them going out for the first time to Kuroki in college and their first sexual experiences.

Overall I felt like the latter half of the volume was a bit rushed, but as this was the final part of the series I can understand it. Generally, this was pretty cute and I liked the art style a lot.

Title: Toritan: Birds of a Feather, Vol. 2
Author: Kotetsuko Yamamoto
Format: Paperback
Pages: 186
ISBN: 9781974719419

Three Descriptors: Odd, Creative, Fantasy

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