Tom Strong


This is so fun!

I had never heard of Tom Strong before being introduced to it by my boyfriend who LOVES this series. I have to say, I’m not really a big Alan Moore fan, but I really enjoyed this one! The way this began, structured as a kid who idolizes Tom Strong reading his stories in a comic book, was genius and immediately made me interested in the plot. We get our first glimpse of Tom Strong through the eyes of an excited child and thus know this guy is super cool and inspirational.

After that initial introduction we get the origin story of Tom Strong and how he came to be the superhero Timmy knows him as. This is a pretty fun, fast-paced romp with a fun main character and a super cool squad including his wife, teen daughter, a gorilla and a Victorian robot. How could you not love this? Also he fights Nazi’s so Tom Strong rules in my book. The Pangea issue is creepy as hell and creative, and I loved how Tom Strong is sort of a Superman man who can do everything without coming off as a huge boring loser.

I think this was a pretty fun comic and probably my favorite Alan Moore title.

Title: Tom Strong
Author: Alan Moore
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN:  9781563896644

Three Descriptors: Suspenseful, Colorful, Fast-Paced

Read Alikes:
The Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer
Batman by Tom King
Wolverine: Origin by Paul Jenkins
Absolute All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison

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