Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1


Aw, very cute. 

I ordered this manga or my library since I had seen it recommended on many lists recently, and love story manga circulates well at my library. This one was super cute in a coming of age sort of way, and I really enjoyed it!

This one has a pretty sweet and easy-to-follow story. Miyano is an underclassman who has a secret love for boys love manga but hides it from the world and his friends. He ends up meeting Sasaki, a bad boy senior who takes a liking to him. Sasaki absolutely has a crush on Miyano but has never had feelings for a guy before and is slowly trying to figure out how to flirt with Miyano while also becoming his friend. Miyano isn’t entirely sure why Sasaki has decided to be his friend but appreciates him a lot, even if he doesn’t get why Miyano has to hide his love of manga from the world. Miyano recommends some to Sasaki, who reads it and awakens his feelings, yet the manga expert doesn’t seem to realize he’s in a love story of his own.

This story is a very gay and sweet story of two guys trying to figure out their sexualities and flirting in a high school setting. Miyano is an adorable, intelligent but clueless character, and Sasaki is confident in every way aside from when dealing with Miyano. They have an excellent dynamic, and I can see why this manga has been well-received. I’m excited to read the series as it continues!

Title: Sasaki and Miyano (Vol 1.)
Author: Syou Harusono
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781975320331)

Three Descriptors: Sweet, Romantic, Coming-Of-Age

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