Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories


A great simple introduction!

I’ve been casually interested in getting a refresher on some Greek myths for a project I’m working on, and honestly, who has the time to sit down and read the entirety of Edith Hamilton just to get a little bit of an update? Instead, I decided to find a youth book on mythology in the stacks at my library, and this one did not disappoint. Even though I was initially looking for only Greek Mythology, I was pleasantly surprised by how this book covered mythology from all over the world. It was interesting to learn about South America and Asian stories, as I only have a vague knowledge of myths from those areas. I also liked how the book would choose a topic, such as weapons, and then show examples of different stories about weapons from around the world. It was fantastic to see the similarities and differences between these myths, and I honestly would check this out again if I needed another refresher course.

Title: Myths, Legends, & Sacred Stories
Author:  Philip Wilkinson
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
ISBN:  9780241296929

Three Descriptors: Educational, Fun, Browsable

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