Sasaki and Miyano (Vol 2)


Sweet and Simple.

This is such a sweet little slow-burn gay romance.

Miyano is an underclassman who has a secret love for boys love manga but hides it from the world and his friends. He ends up meeting Sasaki, a bad boy senior who takes a liking to him. They both are clearly crushing on one another but don’t know how to process that information since they haven’t been interested in men previously. Miyano is a little ball of anxiety at all times whereas Sasaki is also anxious but able to hide it under his chill, bad boy persona. Sasaki is much more open about being interested in boy’s love manga and even defends it when a friend judges him for enjoying it.

A lot of this issue deals with some bigger concepts in a lighthearted way, as one of their mutual friends finds out his girlfriend loves BL manga and is concerned that she doesn’t love him and just wants to see him with other boys. He’s totally projecting, but it causes Miyano and Sasaki to consider their own feelings and how they would handle it if people found out about their crushes on one another. It’s very sweet and this is absolutely a slow burn, not much happens in this volume plot wise or relationship wise, but I think it’s an enjoyable read. The pair have an excellent dynamic, and I can see why this manga has been well-received. I’m excited to read the series as it continues!

Title: Sasaki and Miyano (Vol 2.)
Author: Shou Harusono
Format: Paperback
Pages: 130
ISBN: 9781975323295

Three Descriptors: Sweet, Romantic, Coming-Of-Age

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