Beastars (Vol 10 & 11)


What the actual hell.

I have no clue how to even approach reviewing this. I’ve decided I’m not actually going to review this, just scream WHAT THE HELL over and over again in my head until I have coherent thought again. If Volume 10 is filler and set up, Volume 11 delivers on an absolutely massive level. Everything mentioned in Volume 10 comes back in 11 and pays off in a ridiculous and satisfying way. This series has SO MUCH nuance to it and I can’t believe more people in libraries aren’t screaming for their patrons to read it.

I can’t actually review it because to do so would be to easily spoil one of the best moments (in my opinion) of character development across the series thus far. The show down between Riz and Legoshi is incredible, and this is a series in which the art 100% helps convey the emotion and heaviness of the situation unfolding. It’s stunning work, and I honest to god GASPED at one point while reading.

This series legitmately has something for everyone and I implore everyone to read it and give it a chance.

Title:  Beastars (Volume 10 & 11)
Author: Paru Itagaki
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208 // 200
ISBN: 9781974709243 // 9781974709250

Three Descriptors: Captivating, Dark, Dramatic

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