Knight of the Ice (Vol 6)


Oh the drama!

I love this ridiculous series. It’s basically a soap opera version of figure skating and I live for the drama. This one ends on a pretty solid cliffhanger, so I’m excited to see where we go from here.

This volume adds a lot to the backstories of the other skaters involved in Kokoro’s life, from brothers turning on one another to a potential gay relationship everyone is quietly keeping under wraps. Add to that Kokoro’s sister having a crush on one of his rivals and secretly acting upon it, as well as Kokoro and Chitose’s usual yo-yo relationship, this volume is chock-full of back and forth secrets and white lies. They also introduce what seems to be a Trans character at the end of this volume, which is pretty cool. I also love the new addition of the Russian figure skating star who is flawless on the ice but constantly falling over and running into things off of it. Stupid dumb nosebleeds make me laugh every time.

This is a great series if you need something light and silly with romance built in. I love what an absolute sap Kokoro is, especially compared to the stoic nature of a lot of manga leading men. Kokoro wears his heart on his sleeve and it makes this series feel so refreshing.

Title: Knight of the Ice (Vol. 6)
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781646510535

Three Descriptors: Adorable, Sweet, Honest

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