Spy x Family (Vol 5.)



Why do I love this series?

Well at one point a character says “Knowledge is swole chihuahua?!” so that’s why.

Spy x Family rules. We’re back with Loid, Yor and Anya, our secret spy family trio. Yor sucks at cooking and is trying to learn to improve and stop poisoning everyone around her. Anya loses her telepathy once a month, when there’s no moon, so she subsequently cannot cheat on her school exams. Yuri, Yor’s brother comes over to try and tutor her, but it goes about as well as expected. We also get more insight into the ridiculousness of Anya’s school with some comedy bits because children do not understand what a company being bought out means. Adorable. Also, GASP, there’s a new spy around who has her eyes on Twilight and wants him to leave Yor and Anya to marry her. More drama! All drama is quelled however by Anya and Bond the dog so the volume ends on a giggle.

This whole series is silly fun and I adore it.

Title: Spy x Family (Volume 5)
Author: Tatsuya Endo
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
ISBN:  9781974722945

Three Descriptors: High energy, Creative, Darkly Humorous

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