The Windsor Knot

Great concept!

Well this was a fun little romp. A murder takes place in Windsor Castle after a party and the Queen quietly tries to figure out who is the murderer, aided by her fearless assistant and ex-military officer, Rozie. For what seems to be the first in a series, this was pretty amusing. I enjoyed that the Queen was a character that knew her limits, there’s no way she could actively investigate a murder on her own grounds, but she has the mind to piece together the clues. Because she knows she physically can’t track down clues and information she enlists the help of Rozie, her assistant, and feeds her information in the hope that she can do the legwork. We find out that the Queen has been doing this for years and all her assistants who are deemed worthy enough are trusted by the queen to act on her behalf, which makes for some fun scenes.

The mystery was a little confusing toward the end in that I was getting some characters confused and wondering why they were relevant, but that’s mostly on me for having issues remembering things. The author does a good job pulling your interest in the Royal Family, which is impressive because I am not a fan of the monarchy. That being said the book does a good job at making you root for both the Queen and Rozie, as well as some of her closer confidants like Simon.

Overall this was a pretty fun read. It’s a fun concept that a lot of people will check out so I hope the series continues to deliver.

Title: A Windsor Knot
Author: SJ Bennett
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
ISBN:  9780063050006

Three Descriptors: Creative, Witty, Relevant

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