The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

A surprising lack of giant wasps

Listen, we all love the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who right? No? Just me? You guys are boring.

This historical fiction retelling of the disappearance of Agatha Christie remains fun and interesting even despite the lack of giant flying insects. In the late 1920s, renowned author Agatha Christie disappears off the face of the Earth for 10 days without any indication as to why or where she went. In the real-life story, Agatha potentially had amnesia after crashing her car and ended up in a spa in Yorkshire, not knowing who she was. Agatha, even in her autobiography, never spoke about these 10 days and what happened to her, so no one knows for sure exactly what led to her being found in that spa, however it was clearly noted that her husband was, for lack of a better phrase, a total piece of garbage.

Benedict does here what she does best; take the real-life stories of famous women in history and fictionalizes them to give readers a possibility of what their lives were like. Because no one knows what happened to Agatha during these ten days, Benedicts takes liberties with her story and sets up Archie Christie as the despicable figure Agatha is running from. It’s a clever book with a fun little twist at the end and dual narration throughout. I found it to be a fun and interesting take on the 10-day disappearance and I enjoy Benedict’s books for compelling, easy reads. Her books can be easily digestible in a day or two and always focus on a woman unappreciated by history in one way or another, so they’re easy to latch onto and often lead to me doing more research on these women’s lives. It’s a good summer read and it successfully made me want to read some more Agatha Christie titles!

Title: The Mystery of Mrs. Christie
Author: Marie Benedict
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
ISBN:   9781492682721

Three Descriptors: Dramatic, Strong Lead, Compelling

Read Alikes:
The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl
Agatha Christie by Laura Thompson
The Alice Network by Kate Quinn
In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware
This Side of Murder by Anna Lee Huber

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